1967 Dodge Charger Gets New Life

In 2017 Robert Staffino brought his car to Dorsett’s Speed Shop for me to finish. It was a roller with no pain, no engine or transmission – an empty shell. The first order of business was to complete all the bodywork and paint the car silver/Elanor color. We installed a 383 engine aspirated by side-draft fuel injection and backed by a 727 torque flight with a Gear Vendors overdrive. We installed suspension from Magnum Force both front and rear, including a Dana 60 rear. Next, bolted on a set of custom wheels from Hotrods by Boyd. Kustom Car Audio installed a killer stereo system and the upholstery was done by Bitchin Stitchen in Ukiah. The project took 2 years to complete.

A little history on the Charger from Robert:

The car was sold new in Bend Oregon. It lived up there for probably about eight or 10 years and then was bought by the current sheriff of Humboldt County. The car has been in Humboldt County ever since it was owned by the sheriff for about 20 years and then sold to local name Don Graham who had a towing and wrecking yard in town. That time being Garberville. Don Had it for awhile And was selling it in 2002 and that was the first time I saw it on the street in Garberville with a for sale sign. It passed through a couple of hands, decaying along the way until I got it in 2013. I drove it a bit until I was completely over the tiny drum brakes and started on its redo a year later.

A 383 big block engine powers this 1967 Dodge Charger.

Photos of the 1967 Dodge Charger

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